Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Raymond C. Green Companies seeking an equity position in my property?

Definitely not. We are strictly lenders who do not seek an equity position in your venture. Your property is yours and you control it.

On what basis do the Raymond C. Green Companies make loans?

We define credit worthiness in terms different from the banks. We place emphasis on the value of the collateral rather than your financial history as it may appear on paper. For us, credit worthiness is a concept not etched in stone; we believe in flexibility and the concept of creative financing.

What are the terms of your loans?

Our loans are designed for the short term (4 months to a year). However, we write the majority of our loans for up to 3 years as we know some projects take longer than others and our borrowers don’t need the added pressure of being forced to pay extension fees or refinance within 6 – 8 months.

What can the Raymond C. Green Companies Offer?

First and foremost, personal service. You are not a nameless face; your needs and concerns are our needs and concerns. Secondly, speed of action. When you deal with us, you are not dealing with a loan committee which may meet but every few weeks. Rather, action on a loan can be taken at a moment’s notice, when you need it to happen, not at the convenience of a committee.

What is the background of The Raymond C. Green Companies?

Raymond C. Green has assisted developers, builders and real estate investors in the Northeast region for more than 50 years.

What is the cost of doing business with you?

Generally speaking, our rates are higher than those offered at a bank. However, our speed and creativity in structuring complex and multiple property transactions as well as our personalized service simply isn’t found elsewhere. Furthermore, for short term construction loans, the difference in cost can become negligible. We’re here to make things happen when you need them to happen.

What kinds of loans do the Raymond C. Green Companies make?

We specialize in loans involving real estate. We deal in both residential and commercial ventures and our loans include those for the development and construction of single family homes, subdivisions, town homes, condominiums as well as renovation and bridge financing.

Why should I use a private lender?

While a private lender may not be the choice for everyone, it is the lender of choice for those seeking alternatives to traditional bank financing as well as a strong personal working relationship. Bank financing can take months and often buries its clients in paperwork. With a private lender, there is very little paperwork and borrowers work directly with the decision maker allowing for fast, hassle free financing.